Vittoria Qurano 60 Clincher

  • Front Wheel Rim 60 mm
  • Rear Wheel 60 mm
  • Weight 1575 grams
  • Tyres Vittoria Corsa Fold Graphene 25mm

First impressions are important and the wheels do look great with the Vittoria tyres classic white walls and the rims looking stealth and shiny, but it’s not the outside but what’s inside that’s important.

The insides did not disappoint, the wheel was super stiff laterally, I hate wheels that move and touch the brake pads when you get out of the saddle, the Qurano’s were rock steady whatever I threw at them. Accelerating out of corners felt like I had a turbo engine, and the second I had to suddenly sprint to avoid the usual dog attack, they responded like a dream. Riding around corners they just held the line so well, probably the Corsa Tyres helped, with their extra strong side-walls.

If you know the Bang Sai River road, then you now there are a lot of potholes and gravel in places, the Quranos just glided straight over the top as if it were a smooth road with zero issues.

I think the best tests are those that are not planned, like the car that pulled out in front of me when it was raining hard, the rims braked straight away and the Tyres held up superbly, unlike some carbon rims that take a few seconds to respond to braking.

As well as looking good the Quarno’s sound and feel damn fast too, even with only 110 PSI in them. Overall, I was super impressed with them.

Technical stuff

Ok so now let’s look at why these wheels are good and what makes them different than say another top brand.

The Vittoria Corsa Fold Graphene 25mm Tyres play a part as they only have a very low rolling resistance @ 100PSI, and on corners they retain that great rolling resistance due to the well-designed side walls and the GRAPHENE in the rubber. Plus the Vittoria rims are designed to fit Vittoria tyre 25mm width perfectly making them more aero and less movement for better rolling resistance.

GRAPHENE what is this?

Well it’s a wonder substance whose molecules are the size of an atom, so damn small but 150 times stronger than steel and 20 times more flexible. Vittoria use Graphene in their Tyres and their wheels, Making the wheels

  • 50% stiffer laterally (won’t touch the brake pads when you get out the saddle)
  • 18% stronger against impact if crashing or hitting a hole
  • 50% stronger around the spoke holes, allowing a tighter stiffer spoke and wheel
  • 10% better heat issues when braking, so faster smoother braking and less chance of a tyre blowing off when descending a mountain.

At 1575 Grams for the wheelset they are within 10-20 grams of other top brands of a similar rim depth and clinchers. (The tubular version are only 1409 grams)

They have a high rider weight limit at 125kg.

As well as been an awesome wheelset Vittoria have designed a “SWITCH IT” freewheel, this a clever design that allows you just to pull off the cassette and freehub with NO TOOLS, then just push other cassettes back on, perfect if you need to change cassettes for a mountain weekend ride, but don’t have the tools or skills to change it.


  • Qurano Carbon Clincher 46 at 71,000 Bahts
  • Qurano Carbon Clincher 60 at 76,000 Bahts 
  • Qurano Carbon Clincher 84 at 76,500 Baths

which is a good price compared top other top brands and as added value they also come with

  • Wheel bags
  • Carbon Brake Pads
  • Quick releases
  • Valve extenders
  • Multitool

Would I ride them all the time? damn right I would.

  • They look fast
  • They Feel Fast
  • They are damn fast

Coach JJ’s Rating

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