Bike Fitting that makes you faster! 

3D Aerofit with Virtual Wind Tunnel that give you the best Aerodynamic position

“Power” makes you move forwards, yet there is another important variable called “Aerodynamics” that can improve your speed. For example take 2 Riders with the same FTP, the one with better aerodynamics will go faster. Riders with a lower FTP but better aerodynamics can win against higher FTP riders in the race, which is why you might see some tiny riders who are standing side by side on the podium with the bigger riders

What’s the different between 3D Aerofit and Normal Bike Fit?

The principle of Aero Bike Fitting is to reduce the frontal area that is resistant against the wind, calculating Power saving, Time saving, and Speed improvement using Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel program. Individual cyclists have their unique aero position due to their physical condition, such as wide-narrow shoulders, flexibility, or muscular body; that means there is no fixed formulation about the optimum aero position that you can find from general bike fitting programs. With the expertise of Coach JJ together with advanced technology, real time data output and close feedback during the bike fitting, we can provide you your max optimum aero position that is powerful and still comfortable.

*3D Aerofit suitable for Triathlon bike or Road Bike with aerobars

How does 3D Aerofit work?

Starting from measuring frontal area of your current position with Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel Program to create base line (Yellow line). Then Coach JJ will adjust bike set up; aerobars, seat post, saddle, cleats, etc. to get your optimal aerodynamic position with the best Power. Test each change with Computrainer to analyse POWER, together with Motion Analysis Wireless Sensors from LEOMO to check your movement and stability on the bike. Thousands of REAL-TIME data will be sent out via Bluetooth, which allow Coach JJ to analyse and compare each change saving right away. 

The photo below shows the comparison of Power Saving, Time Saving, and Speed Change between Base line, 1st Change, 2nd Change, and Final Aero position. The result of Final Aero Position shows Power Saving -20 watts, Time Saving -2.34 mins, and increasing in Speed +1.4 km/hr. Motion Analysis data showed big improvements by decreasing the pedalling Dead Spot Score from Left 33.4/Right 40.6 to Left 2.1/Right 7.5 with more stability on the pelvic by decreasing Pelvic Rotation and Pelvic Rock significantly. Also we can improve Pelvic angle from 53.9 degree down to 34 degree giving her more aerodynamic advantage.

Our 3D Aerofit for Triathlon also includes Wireless Saddle Pressure Mapping to improve the saddle comfort without excess pressure, which is one of the biggest concerns of Triathletes who need to spend hours and hours on the bike. With 68 sensors inside pressure mapping tells us which area of the saddle has too much pressure or too much movement in REAL-TIME. Basically the frontal area around soft tissue shouldn’t get too much pressure at all time, however, triathletes are more likely to have the saddle problem due to a bike position that rotate forward

Saddle Pressure Mapping

This photo showed too much excess pressure at the front of saddle 

Coach JJ, our expert in Aero Bike Fitting for Triathlon will assess your optimal aerodynamic position, book a session at our JJ Pro Cycling Centre and we will guide you to your fastest position using the Bioracer Aero technology as used by Team Sky.

Do you want to save 8 minutes in a 70.3 ironman?
ONLY 7,000 Bahts (that’s only 10.41THB per second cost)
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3D Aerofit: Virtual Wind Tunnel: 3 hours for 7,500 THB included;
– Aerodynamic Test with Bioracer Aero (Virtual Wind Tunnel)
– Motion Analysis with LEOMO Type-R’s
– Insole Pressure Mapping
– Saddle Pressure Mapping
All testing and measurement are Real-Time result, making the fitting more effective. Even more convenient there are zero wires with Wireless technology. Contact us for more information and booking via Facebook Message or LINE: @JJProCycling today

*Price excluded Aero Bar or Seat Post

Add Line @JJProPerformance for more information or book your session


Want to go 8 mins FASTER in 70.3 Ironman!

Below table show Time saving (min) comparison between Before and After 3D Aerofit (Source: and lower table show cost comparison of Aero equipments vs. ability to save time in 40 Km Time Trial race

“3D Aerofit save your time 3.45 mins in 40 km Time Trial Race, and save 8 mins in 70.3 Ironman, or 17.45 mins in IRONMAN withour pedalling harder! 

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