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Stay FIT in the Rainy Season with “Indoor Training Programs”. Do you know that when you train Indoors, it will be about 20% more effective than outdoor training using the same programs. Because there’re many factors such as cars, traffic lights, or even road surface that interrupt your session. Get yourself FITTER and ENJOY our Indoor Training Programs, that will make you FIT and READY even in this boring rainy season. You can choose short programs of 3 and 6 months or long programs of 12 months. Make it even more FUN by uploading your workouts automatically into your ZWIFT

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  • Free Lactate Test value 5,000.- for Only 6, 12 months Programs

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Contact us via LINE https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40hyu7427d

Email: info@jjprocycling.com

Bike Fitting

4D Motion Analysis Bike Fitting: 6,000 THB

The most Advanced Road Bike Fitting with Newest Technology in Asia i.e. Motion Analysis by LEOMO to measure your movement, and Saddle Pressure Mapping to measure the pressure and movement on the saddle. All data output in Real Time, which to improve your position for Maximum power, Comfortable and No dead spot while pedalling

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3D Aerofit for Triathlon Bike Fitting: 7,000 THB

“Power” makes you move forwards, yet there is another important variable called “Aerodynamics” that can improve your speed. Aero Bike Fitting is to reduce the frontal area that is resistant against the wind, calculating Power saving, Time saving, and Speed improvement using Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel program

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FTP Test PLUS: 5,000 THB

We are offer more than a Lactate Test to give cyclists the advantage of understanding their fitness and body condition that gives them the way forward for improvement. The programs we’re giving you are FTP Test Plus, which includes several essential tests;

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