Why do you need to do FTP Test?

Lactate testing is known as one of the most accurate ways to analyse the FTP, in order to set training zones effectively. Lactate testing is well used among professional athletes in general sports, especially cycling. FTP from lactate testing is way more accurate than a 20mins test on a Turbo because the human body needs a specific period of time at certain intensity to produce lactate. Normally people tend not to push hard enough to meet that level, means your FTP is inaccurate. Having the wrong FTP, your training will be less effective

We are offer more than a Lactate Test to give cyclists the advantage of understanding their fitness and body condition that gives them the way forward for improvement. The programs we’re giving you are FTP Test Plus, which includes several essential tests;

  1. Lactate Threshold (FTP)

Lactate Test at JJ Pro Cycling is highly accurate because we’re using sport science protocols with variables controlled i.e. room temperature, sample collecting, steady incremental Power by using Computrainer, Sample collecting Tools are brand new, and other equipment is disinfected.

A 20-minute test just isn’t accurate there is a lot of guess work. You need a 4-minute incremental increase at STEADY power at a specific RPM; taking blood lactate measurements to accurately calculate FTP.

Also, a Lactate test calculates 2 completely different thresholds

  1. lactate threshold 1 (Tempo)
  2. Lactate threshold 2 (FTP)There is a skill in taking the sample and analyzing it. For example, very few people realize that sweat will contaminate the lactate sample by up to 20% inaccuracy, so if you test outside next to a swimming pool the test will probably be completely inaccurate

This needs to be conducted in a controlled laboratory environment with specific protocols.

2. Inspiratory Muscle Training Power in Watts (IMP) with PowerBreathe

A Digital PowerBreathe K5 machine will measure the power of your Inspiratory (breathing IN) muscles in watts to calculate a Power (similar to FTP for cycling) that we can use to set the goal for training. Then using a hand held PowerBreathe to train at home you can increase the power of these Inspiratory muscles. Think of it as an engine that has to pump gas/petrol in a car. If you add a TURBO to that engine the car will go faster. The same applies to the body, increase the power of your inspiratory muscles and you could go 4.6% faster that’s a saving of 2 minutes in a 40KM TT. Not just only cyclists but this training also benefit for other sports i.e. running, swimming, rowing, or Diving

  1. Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR)

This is your heart rate at FTP, so if your FTP as 200 watts and your heart rate at 200 watts is 165, your LTHR is 165.

This enables

  1. to set accurate heart rate zones in case you don’t have a power meter
  2. to compare heart rate and power when analyzing training data to see how the body responds to heat, exhaustion and duration
  1. Muscle Oxygen (SM02)

Using 3 wireless MOXY Oxygen monitors at 3 different muscles, the sensors will transmit infrared light through the skin layer into the particular Muscles, to detect the Oxygen level and Hemoglobins level then report back the data in Real Time. We calculate how much oxygen is been used for 3 individual muscles, the quad (thigh muscle), hamstring and Calf or Glute for cycling. The 3 different results will allow us to see which muscle works harder or not efficiently in the pedaling, running or swimmer. Hard working muscles will use a lot more oxygen so the muscle will have less oxygen in it. Similarly, to a lactate test when there is a big DECREASE in muscle oxygen that can calculate your FTP, more accurately than a lactate test because muscle oxygen responds to changes much more quickly than lactate does. Lactate testing can have a time delay and it is testing lactate in the whole-body system, but SMo2 is measuring a specific muscle only.

  1. Total hemoglobin Th.B.

We measure the Hemoglobin for 3 muscle groups Quad, hamstring and calf or Glute to see how each muscle is delivering blood flow to the individual cyclist. It can also help detect anemia and overtraining or EPO doping!

  1. Blood Pressure

A Fitness test is a very strenuous activity and it’s important to ensure the client is healthy and ready for the test. A very high or low blood pressure can show a coach if the client is stressed or should see a doctor. Also, regular exercise can reduce blood pressure so on a 2nd visit 2 months later I can see how that client is coping with everyday stress.

  1. Body Fat Analysis

Using Tanita Body Fat Professional scales we calculate BMI and body fat in the upper and lower body as well as subcutaneous fat a round the organs of the body. This is important to see what the body fat composition is before and when we measure again in 2-3 months’ time.

Can we train without FTP?

Training without FTP is like sailing without direction. Training at too low or too high in the wrong zones, won’t give you any benefit and you get tired for no gains

Lactate Test procedure

During the lactate test, it’s important that all environmental variables are controlled to get the most accurate FTP; room temperature, incremental power, tyre pressure, or rider’s condition. To start with collect the first blood sample before the test as a base line, then the rider starts riding on the Turbo which steadily increases power every 4 minutes, measure the lactate level every incremental step until the lactate level changes significantly. That is body threshold Power or FTP. The big jump in Lactate level happened when the body couldn’t process blood lactate that accumulates during hard workouts. If you keep riding at FTP or higher, lactic acid will accumulate in your muscles, which can lead to cramp, fatigue, and injuries. 

“The most important thing of Lactate testing is analysing the data that needs an expert to identify FTP and training zones correctly.  Everyone has different training zones depending on their FTP. If you set your FTP wrong at the beginning, then it will effect overall training performance”

Can FTP change over time?

Yes, if you train smart and consistently, your FTP will improve within 4-6 months. You will produce more power while your lactic reduces – you will feel less tired. On the other hand, if you stop training for 2-3 months, your FTP will decrease because your body will not process lactic as good as when you were training. You will feel less powerful, tired more easily, and a higher heart rate

Book now for your FTP Test PLUS session 5,000 THB, 2 Hrs include:

  1. Lactate Test
  2. Powerbreathe Test
  3. Lactate Threshold Heart Rate
  4. Muscle Oxygen (SmO2)
  5. Hemoglobin (Th.B)
  6. Blood Pressure
  7. Body Fat Analysis

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How to prepare yourself for Lactate Test

  • Do not eat 2 hours before the test
  • Do not ride your bike or hard exercise before the test 24 hours

Please bring with you

  1. Bike
  2. Cycling shoes
  3. Cycling shorts, socks, jersey
  4. Water bottle
  5. Towel for shower
  6. Heart rate strap
  7. Garmin or other Head Unit
  8. Power Meter (if any)