Professional Bike Fitting with World Class Technology

Bike Fitting is a delicate process with many steps ahead before getting the final optimal position. Everyone’s body is different; flexibility, tightness, previous injuries and activities are all affect on your position on the bike. Experienced bike fitter need to have knowledge on biomechanics to be able to adjust the position that feel natural, powerful and not cause any injuries.

We used most advanced bike fitting technology together to check and quantify what that eyes couldn’t detect, however, it needs bike fitter’s expertise beyond all the techs to fix customers’ problems.

Advanced Sport Science Technology

Technology and Equipments we use in Bike Fitting are also used by world leading coaches and professional teams i.e. Leomo Motion Sensors by Hunter Allan from TrainingPeaks that can quantify range of motion 360 degrees indoor and outdoor in real time, Bioracer Aero Virtual Wind Tunnel used in World Time Trial Championship and World record events.

We also use W-Saddle and W-Insole pressure mapping to measure the pressure and movement while you are cycling in every position.


Bike fitting

3D Aero Bike Fitting (TT/Triathlon Bike)

Find your best optimum AERO position with Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnels. Increase your speed, comfortable and Power.

Bike fitting

Road Bike Fitting/ Mountain Bike Fitting

Get your POWERFUL position. FIX your discomfort, injuries or numbness. Using Leomo wireless motion sensors check your range of motion in 360 degrees.

Bike fitting

AeroMAX CDA Test

Test your CDA – Coefficient of Drag to compare your aero position and best combination of equipments that give you the best aerodynamic advantage.