Why do you need Coaching?

Cycling is like other sports that needs the expert to instruct and plan the training workouts for better performance. Every sports needs different skills and basic fundamentals. To set your basic fundamental correctly, will lead you to sustainable and long-term improvement. Riding is not just to be able to “Ride” but having someone to coach you will help you become a “Good” rider. Coaching is the answer for many cyclists that have been riding for a while but the improvement is not progressing. The reason is because the training plan is not suitable for them. With the advanced technology in sports science, coach can analyse your body condition and be able to design the training programs that are systematic, measurable and suitable for each individual cyclist

I believe that many of you want to improve your performance to the max, and it is a pity that I have seen many high potential cyclists planing their workouts poorly; some overtrained and some are under. Some cyclists take an easy way by copying workout plans from the internet, which has nothing to do about analysing your body condition or even guarantee the results. Coaching is not only about physical training, but also lifts up your state of mind in cycling. Coach will motivate you and get you ready for the race physically and mentally. Winners in the race are not always the strongest, but they’ve got the strongest head and never give up.

How quickly do I start to improve?

I don’t expect everyone to train that hard to finish Tour de France, because everyone has their own personal life. My previous athlete “Matt Langworthy” is a Junior Champion who trains only 6 hrs per week! Training plans that I design for everyone is different, depending on their lifestyle and goals. At the very beginning, I will evaluate each person’s strengths and weaknesses, then will customise workouts for each one. Every cyclists have different level of skills, some are sprinters, climbers, flat road, time trial, or triathlete. Normally my training programs average at 1-2 hours per day, 3-5 days per week. If you can complete 80-90% for 3 months, you will see the improvement significantly.

Is there any shortcut to improve more quickly?

The answer is “no”, the human body needs a certain time to develop and improve. You cannot expect short term results from the training, that’s why the workouts I design are hard and easy in some weeks to get your body get used to the training routine and be able to develop the right muscles. When you ride more hours than your friends, it doesn’t mean that you will improve faster. On the other hand, if you train too much or race too often, your body will not be able cope with the tiredness and fatigue, then your performance will drop badly. You will not enjoy your riding anymore

How to choose your coaching programs?

Beginner Coaching Programs 3 months, is like a starting point for new beginner. Your body starts to adapt to the new training routines, the muscles develop in the right direction. You can tell the difference in your pedalling, pacing, and power. In the first couple of weeks, you will find it’s hard to complete the workouts, but then you will get used to it and enjoy the training. You will ride longer with more power.

Advance Coaching Programs 6 months, suitable for riders who have clear goals and really want to improve their performance significantly. It is designed for middle level riders who have experience in cycling for a couple years but didn’t feel they have improved that much and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with their friends. In 6 months, the workouts will adjust your body in shape with adaptation periods and time to build up the strength. One of the most important thing is consistency, if your training is consistence, your fitness is more sustainable – even when you miss a couple of workouts. You also recover faster and get back to your fitness easier than riders who do not have proper training.

Ultimate Coaching Programs 12 months, is suitable for riders who attend races regularly, have clear goals to improve their performance with better time and results. 12 months training programs will build your self discipline and keep you up to the training. Don’t worry that training plan will be too much and give you no time for anything. Our training programs are designed based on customer’s lifestyle, also adjustable to match your current training programs of swimming or running during the week. Our programs have both easy weeks and hard weeks to allow your body to adapt and improve. In addition, if you plan to attend the race, we can customise training workouts for that specific race as well.

Coaching Programs include:

How to start your coaching programs

  1. Make an appointment (2 hours needed)
  2. Consult with Coach JJ for goal setting
  3. FTP Test
  4. Coach JJ will set your username and password for TrainingPeaks online application, and upload your workouts weekly.
  5. Coach will analyse and feedback your workouts through the app every week
  6. Workouts will change every week to match your goal

If you’re really want to improve your performance with proven results, we can help you. Contact us today. Don’t forget that “You” are the greatest weapon on the bike – Coach JJ

Coaching Programs Package

  • 1 month 6,000 THB
  • 3 months 17,500 THB (Excluded Physiological Test)
  • 6 months 32,000 THB Free! Lactate Test for FTP 5000 THB
  • 12 months 58,000 THB Free! 360 Physiological Test (Swim or Bike or Run)

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